bag of amana snickerdoodle coffee
light roast, fruity, retains origin flavors and aromas, high acid level, light bodied, lingering finish

Snickerdoodle Coffee


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8 oz.

If you love the cookie, you will love our Snickerdoodle Coffee. The smooth blend of cinnamon and hazelnut makes snickerdoodle our best seller. Give it a try!

Course ground - for French press, percolator 
Medium ground - for pour-over, drip coffee 
Fine ground - for espresso

Customer Reviews

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Kelly Cerqua
Cookie Coffee

If you love the flavors in the snickerdoodle cookie you will love this coffee! It's not so overpowering with strong notes but you can tell it has the chocolate, cinnamon and nougat flavor. I am addicted to this flavor, it's my first time trying it so believe me you'll love it too!

Sue Annear

I love this coffee because of it's, aroma,taste, and by far, the best Smickerdoodle or Snickerdoodle Coffee I have found. Perfect blend of beans and sweetness...I lived in Seattle for 41 years, so I am definitely a coffee connoisseur. Thanks for a delicious, happy cup..or 2.

Christmas Gift

This was the fist coffee o had gotten fro. Amana General Store. It smells absolutely amazing. I love it. I received two bags from my wife for Christmas 2022 and this was the one I couldn't wait to have. I can't recommend it enough. Absolutely fantastic.