bag of amana banana nut split coffee
light roast, fruity, retains origin flavors and aromas, high acid level, light bodied, lingering finish

Banana Nut Split Coffee


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8 oz.

Named after an all-time favorite dessert, banana and a hint of nut makes our Banana Nut Split Coffee a treat anytime of the day! A specialty coffee only available during the summer months.

Course ground - for French press, percolator 
Medium ground - for pour-over, drip coffee 
Fine ground - for espresso

Customer Reviews

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Sally Ludwig
Best summer flavor ever

Love, love, love this flavor, and wish I was available all year long. It sounded so unique and I wasn't
sure how it would taste, but you really get a taste of the banana and berries with a slight hint of the nuts. It's become a must in our home and I love serving it to friends who have become fans also. But don't stop with just this flavor, some of my other favorites include Almond Amaretto and Creme Brulee along with others.