bag of amana apricot creme decaf coffee
light roast, fruity, retains origin flavors and aromas, high acid level, light bodied, lingering finish

Apricot Creme Decaf Coffee


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8 oz.

One of our most popular coffees, the flavor of apricot transcends that just picked flavor. Mild enough for any time of the day!

Course ground - for French press, percolator 
Medium ground - for pour-over, drip coffee 
Fine ground - for espresso

Customer Reviews

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Reva Hill
My Very Favorite Coffee of All Time!

The apricot decaf coffee is so delicious. I look so forward to after dinner when I prepare my “dessert “ which is my cup of coffee. The taste is so sweet and delectable! The taste remains with me the rest of the evening. Some flavored coffees taste so artificial. This is the authentic apricot real deal! Love, love, love this coffee!